Parking Lot Paint

The colors we carry are: Yellow, Blue and White!

Fass Stripe Parking Lot Paint Franklin Traffic Paints

A high-performance 100% acrylic latex paint designed for professional results. Ideal for parking lots, tennis courts, walkways, curbing, etc. Formulated for non-bleeding results over freshly sealed surfaces. Add that bright finishing touch with Franklin Traffic Paint.

  • 100% Acrylic Traffic Marking Paint
  • Meets Fed. Spec. TT-P-1952E
  • Bright vibrant colors
  • Durable & Long Lasting
  • Quick Drying
  • Environmentally Friendly 100% Acrylic Water-based Formula
Application: Brush, roller or spray.
Colors Available: White, Yellow, Handicap Blue
Coverage: 325 ft. of 4-inch line at 15 mils wet thickness GLASS BEADS

Make traffic lines or pavement markings on parking lots, driveways, etc. more visible at night by means of a retro reflective principle using glass spheres. GLASS BEADS, when embedded in traffic marking paints, make the markings shine brightly under headlights to add visibility and safety. Increase the life of traffic lane pavement markings three to five times by using GLASS BEADS.

  • Improve visibility of markings at night
  • Increase longevity of markings
  • Glass Beads are Packaged in 50 lb. Moisture-proof Bags
Application: Post apply or drop into wet paint Coverage: 6 to 10 lbs per gallon of paint

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